We presently live in a time and age where immoral acts are committed under the guise of political, economic, security reasons which have long term repercussions on the peaceful co-existence of human society. Simultaneously, the world is getting polarized vertically on the lines of languages, religions, race, economic levels, regions and nationalities. This journey in human society is seemingly uncontrollable and reaching an explosive situation.

Society, today, is in dire need of rediscovery of the basic truths of peace, tolerance, equality and social justice. Most of these virtues are not part of any political or economic mainstream thinking and therefore, the proponents of these virtues are in a minority while the rest of the society happily moves forward oblivious of its self-destructive ideology.

Considering this practical situation, some national-level institutions have got together to recognize these proponents of peace, equality and social justice and aim to encourage the cause of justice and peaceful coexistence, while providing a impetus for society to imbibe these values.

Mother Teresa, besides being a Nobel Laureate, was recognized worldwide as a great missionary for social justice in India. To carry on such a legacy, initiated in the year 2005, the Mother Teresa Awards have become a means to incessantly eulogize Mother Teresa, who was called to a lifetime of selfless service in this country. The award function has established a platform to felicitate and honor the commendable efforts by individuals, NGOs and other organizations that have endeavored in the cause of social justice and the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden of society. The award itself bears the endorsement of the Missionaries of Charity, the Order that Mother Teresa belonged to and which still carries on her exemplary work.