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Mother Teresa Memorial Awards


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Free A Girl

For launching the unique programme "THE SCHOOL FOR JUSTICE" that supports and trains rescued girls to become advocates to fight for the cause

Dr. Torsten Trey DAFOH
(Doctors Against Forced Organ Trafficking)

For continuously upholding ethical medical practices against forced organ harvesting

Hasina Kharbhih

For economically empowering more than 72,000 vulnerable victims who would have fallen prey to trafficking

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Junior Nzita Nsuami

For spearheading the international campaign through the United Nations against the use of child soldiers in war


For addressing the larger issue of commercial sex exploitation and trafficking

Office for the Rescue of Yazidis

For its undaunted determination towards rescuing Yazidi women and girls held in captivity by ISIS as sex slaves

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Rob Williams

For reforming and rehabilitating child soldiers rescued from armed groups


For freeing over 30,000 bonded labourers and earnestly committing to eradicate the practice in the State of Karnataka

Alezandra Russell

For exposing the hidden world of male sex slavery and rehabilitating them

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Ajeet Singh

For his efforts in creating the first red-light area free from the commercial sexual exploitation of minors in India

Kailash Satyarthi

For the fight against child labour and trafficking in India and Southeast Asia

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